May 22, 2015 – Budget Update

Good News – Friday morning the Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees voted to put added money into the DDS Community Service System. The California Assembly Budget Subcommittee voted to add 5% beginning January 1st, 2016and another 5% next January 1st, 2017 thus raising ALL regional center budgets as well as all services rates paid in the community by that amount.

The California Senate Budget Subcommittee voted to add $100M for 2015 – 16 beginning July 1st of this year the following: 10% INCREASE in Supported Employment, Supported Living and in-home Respite Services and 5% for Transportation.

Over the next three weeks, we will need to act to ensure that this moves forward. The full Senate Budget Committee votes Friday (5/22) morning on their sub-committee recommendations. Next Wednesday the full Assembly Budget Committee will vote on their sub-committee recommendations. Then, because the two houses have different recommendations, it will go to Conference Committee to negotiate a final budget. And by the middle of June we need to ensure we cross the finish line and the Governor does not remove it when he signs the budget.


A message from the Executive Director:

Tuesday we heard some strong speeches in support of adding funding to the DDS Community Services Budget and legislators saying we hear you. They just haven’t heard enough.

Please call Wednesday to the same numbers you called before. This time the message is as follows:

“I’m calling in support of the Lanterman Coalition call for a 10% increase in the rates for community services and regional centers. Stop balancing the budget on the backs of people who have dedicated their lives to supporting people with developmental disabilities.”

Feel free to read it just as listed above. Please make sure you call everyone on the list (get the list here). Clearly they are feeling the pressure so it’s time to push it over the top and continue calls until 10 am Thursday 5/21.

My thanks to all of you who are helping in this battle.

Richard Royse
Executive Director


WE NEED SUPPORT NOW!  Governor Brown’s latest budget proposal (released 5/14/15) completely disregards our most vulnerable citizens by not adding one penny to help stabilize and rebuild community supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. It is critically important that the Legislature step up and fund the Lanterman Coalition’s request for a one-time, 10 percent increase in state support services. PLEASE HELP TODAY!

How can you help?

Make calls to Legislators now! Get call instructions and contact information here. 


 Please read and share the articles below:

Contra Costa Times editorial: Brown should seize chance to help disabled

Contra Costa Times Editorial, May 11, 2015


13 deaths blamed on abuse and neglect at California state-run homes

Abuse, neglect and lack of supervision at California’s state-run homes for the developmentally disabled have directly caused the deaths of 13 people since 2002, newly released records from the state Department of Public Health show.

The developmental centers – which house men and women with severe autism, cerebral palsy and other debilitating conditions – bear some responsibility for the deaths of another six residents because they allowed living situations so dangerous that there was a great probability that deaths would occur, the state said.

Click here to read the full article.


Restore funding for those with developmental disabilities: Editorial

By The Los Angeles News Group Editorial Board, LA Daily News


Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) released its newest report, titled On The Brink Of Collapse, meant to provide policy-makers, advocates, and the citizens of California an understanding of the crisis engulfing our state’s developmental services system. Learn more on our Advocacy page.

Support the Developmental Disabilities Community. The Lanterman Coalition has created the 10 for 10 campaign and have created a petition on Change.org, complete with a letter to Governor Brown regarding the history of the Lanterman Act and with an urge to consider funding to be included in the January budget. Learn more and sign the petition here.