The Northern California Business Advisory Council supports partnerships between local business owners, communities and agencies by providing people with disabilities the opportunity to be productive employees within our community. These partnerships provide solutions to address the challenges and needs of business owners by incorporating the skill sets of people with disabilities into the workforce.

Invitation July 2016
1) Starbucks Coffee Company
2) VSP
3) A round-table discussion for business leaders to share opportunities (challenges and needs)

Download the Business Advisory Council Brochure 2016
Download the 2015-2016 Goals of the Business Advisory Council.
I hope you can attend. Contact Alonso with any questions at 916-400-2778 or agarcia@inallianceinc.com


INALLIANCE believes that people with developmental disabilities have an absolute right and responsibility to participate fully and equally in society and to maximize their own quality of life.

We provide services to adults with disabilities that encourage community inclusion through:

•Job Training
•Small Work Crews
•Peer Support Groups
•Community Skills Training

Which result in program participants achieving:

•Job Placement
•Vocational Training
•Money Management Skills
•Community Mobility
•Personal Support Systems
•Behavior Management
•Community Inclusion