Take Action

For people with developmental disabilities, advocacy is important, both self-advocacy and advocacy among the community, nonprofits, service providers, families and friends.

How can you advocate?

•By doing something as simple as making a phone call
•Write letters to your state Assembly Members and Senators
•Send letters to the editor of your local newspaper in support or opposition of a current news story
•Encourage others—family, friends, neighbors, members of your school or church—to do the same, and share your resources
•Let your children, siblings, parents know how to join in; your efforts will help the family as a whole
•Attend rallies, events and other community gatherings when relevant to your cause
•Get active within organizations you are already affiliated with (service providers, etc)
•Sign up for emails or mail communications from local, statewide and national advocacy groups
•Follow Federal and State news as it relates to your cause

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