Business Partners

INALLIANCE works at several La Bou Cafe and Catering establishments

INALLIANCE provides a free employment placement service for employers who embrace workplace inclusion and diversity.

We assess, place, and train employees who have developmental disabilities, and work directly with businesses to ensure a successful working relationship.

An on-site Employment Training Specialist (ETS) is available to work alongside the new employee until he/she is no longer needed. We can also help the employer identify and tailor jobs, modify tasks, and/or acquire low or no-cost adaptive equipment if needed.

Top 10 Reasons It Pays to Do Business with INALLIANCE

INALLIANCE WLS crews at work for the Orangevale Recreation and Parks District

  1. Improve employee retention
  2. Maximize workload efficiencies
  3. Gain a Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  4. Be a leader in workplace diversity
  5. Improve staff morale
  6. Attract a new customer base
  7. Increase customer loyalty
  8. Achieve Good Corporate Citizen status
  9. Save on hiring and training costs
  10. Service is FREE to businesses


InAlliance Works
INALLIANCE works with over 100 local businesses in an 7-county region. Many of our business partners have long-term relationships with INALLIANCE. For example, INALLIANCE has contracted work crews that have worked with Regional Transit for over 20 years. Similarly, the Sacramento Bee has employed INALLIANCE consumers for over 15 years.

We make sure that we fully understand the needs of our business partners, and we’re experts at matching the right candidates to the position. INALLIANCE is proud to deliver highly qualified personnel to Sacramento’s business community.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our employer partners have to say about how INALLIANCE works.

To learn more:

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