What are developmental disabilities?
Developmental disabilities are caused by chronic mental and/or physical impairments beginning early in life or at birth. Many people with developmental disabilities are ready, willing and capable or working for you.

What kinds of work can people with developmental disabilities do?
People with developmental disabilities have a range of abilities and are highly productive in many types of jobs.

How do we become a business partner?
A willingness to include people with developmental disabilities in your hiring practices is all that’s needed.

How do we get started?
Meeting with our job developer is the best way to get started. A short meeting to discuss the work you need performed will allow us to customize a cost effective solution.

How much will it cost?
A quote will be generated for you based on the scope of work to be performed. Typically, a direct hire will cost a minimum of $8 per hour (including payroll costs). A 3-person crew will typically start at $15 per hour for the whole crew (excluding payroll liabilities).

What is the minimum number of hours I can hire a WLS crew for?
A WLS crew of 1:3 (1 coach: 3 workers) is usually hired for 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

How is transportation handled?
For supported employment, some direct hire participants drive, and others depend on public transportation. Participants on crews tend not to drive and are delivered to the job site in a company vehicle.

Is this safe?
People with disabilities are statistically safer with regard to workplace injuries than  non-disabled workers. It is our experience that injuries on the job rarely occur. Our crews conduct quarterly safety meetings to address any issues, and job coaches are on site to supervise workers. Our thorough assessment process ensures that the workplace is appropriate for the worker.

What happens if someone gets hurt at work?
If a direct hire is injured on the job, your company worker’s compensation insurance will be responsible because he/she is your employee. If an Employment Training Specialist (ETS) or work crew member is injured on the job INALLIANCE covers both. However, fraudulent worker’s compensation claims practically unheard of.

Will I need to make accommodations? How much will it cost?
According to Job Accommodation Network, 56% of accommodations cost nothing, and the rest only about $500. However, most workers with disabilities require no special accommodations. Interestingly, innovation often arises from accommodation.

What if my workers are uncomfortable and their productivity is negatively impacted?
Workers with disabilities tend to have a positive effect on their co-workers. Many case studies show positive effects on retention, morale, and productivity.

How will this effect my bottom line?
Hiring a person with a developmental disability can have very positive effects on your business. Studies show that businesses that hire people with disabilities tend to be looked upon more favorably by consumers. Plus, you are tapping a $220B market niche.

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