Work We Do

INALLIANCE employment programs span many different occupational areas, including:

Retail courtesy clerk, cart retrieval, stocking, cashiering
filing, scanning, copying, shredding, data entry, mail house, reception, document preparation, mircofilming, call center
– housekeeping, litter abatement, graffiti removal, day porter, janitorial, grounds keeping
Food Service – food prep, dishwashing, bussing, cooking, serving, lobby attendant
Manufacturing – warehouse, order fulfillment, inventory, packaging, assembly, disk re-purposing, sorting, kitting, labeling, line support staff, pick and pack, re-work

Don’t see your work category here? Ask us what else we can do!

How We Do It
INALLIANCE accomplishes work on behalf of employer partners through 3 distinct programs:

  1. Work and Life Skills
  2. Community Training Program
  3. Supported Employment Program

Our programs are flexible so that we can respond to employer preferences. We can provide work crews on a month-to-month basis, or an employer can hire directly from our pool of qualified applicants.

Our Work Guaranteed
We deliver on time, on budget, and to your specifications. Try us and see!

Through our Work and Life Skills and Community Training Programs we provide on-the-job training, support and supervision so that employer partners can conserve resources and focus on business. In these two programs we guarantee our work–our crew will be there rain or shine getting the job done right.

Risk Management
Our programs are also designed to be low risk for our employer partners. The Work and Life Skills and Community Training Programs are on an agreement basis with the option to cancel if you are not satisfied. All of the payroll liabilities, insurance, vacation and sick leave, and workers compensation are paid for by INALLIANCE. You pay a monthly fee and we pay the workers directly. To see a sample agreement click here. In addition, an Employment Training Specialist (ETS)  is always on-site supervising and training.

Supported Employment Scenario
In our Supported Employment Program, the worker is actually a direct hire and therefore your employee. An Employment Training Specialist (ETS) will work alongside the new employee 100% of the time in the beginning to help train, coach and supervise. The ETS gradually fades out over time as the employee becomes stable in the position.

To learn more:
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