After receiving a certificate of completion lyrom McClatchy High School, Adam came to INALLIANCE. With the support of the Work and Life Skills program, Adam began working with a crew at the Medical Board where he collated mailers and assembled manuals for doctors throughout the state of California. While happy at this site, Adam dreamed of working alongside his father Neil, a prominent infectious disease physician, at the University of California at Davis Medical Center.

At the time, INALLIANCE had three crews working at the hospital, but openings were infrequent at best; most consumers working at the Medical Center enjoy there work and seldom opt to leave. However, Adam got his break in August of 1999 when an opening became available. Without hesitation Adam accepted the position and has been there ever since. He works five hours a day Monday through Friday bussing tables, sorting recycling and maintaining the cafeteria.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys camping, playing basket ball and spending time with his family. With his parent’s assistance, Adam also found time to write the book “A Very Special Athlete” based on his life.

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