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INALLIANCE is a nonprofit agency that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities. Our services focus on integrated employment, social inclusion and community living.

Community Training Programs

The Community Training Programs (CTP) serve individuals with a wide range of intellectual and developmental disabilities interested in both vocational training and community skill training who require 1:1 or 1:2 support.

Community Employment Services

The Community Employment Services Department assists individuals in paid community employment and offers tailored day services in support of individuals’ exploration, discovery and pre-employment preparation.

Supported Living Services

The Supported Living Services program offers a variety of services to consumers who wish to live independently.

Work and Life Skills

Work and Life Skills (WLS) is a community based program combining vocational training and community access services. The desired outcome of this program is increased community integration and participation in supported work.

Independent Living Services

The Independent Living Services (ILS) program offers one-on-one training to consumers who wish to live on their own in the community.

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