Community Training Program

The Community Training Program (CTP) serves individuals with a wide range of intellectual and developmental disabilities interested in both vocational training and community skill training who require 1:1 or 1:2 support.

The main focus of CTP is to support consumers at job sites, activities, classes and community inclusion that are compatible with their skills and interests. CTP serves people throughout the greater Sacramento area. Services include:

  • 1:1 and 1:2 ratio of Training Specialists to consumers
  • Jobs “carved” to match skills, interests and stamina
  • Development of behavioral strategies
  • Development of a personal futures plan
  • Development of assistive technologies
  • Facilitation of communication among support team members
  • Mental health supports

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Participant Profile:

Tyler Truscelli, CTP Participant

Tyler Truscelli, CTP Participant

Tyler Truscelli is not your average guy. Sure, he enjoys hiking, bicycling and loves riding his family’s Seadoo, but for the past eight years Tyler has power lifted his way to several gold medals and a World Championship.

In 2001, Tyler began his journey as a weightlifter at only 15 years old. His dad and coach John says, “Tyler began [training] because he just wanted to be one of the guys in the gym.” At 16, Tyler began power lifting in the Special Olympics, which earned him the first of many gold medals, and in 2004 he won the WABDL Special Olympics Division World Title. Weighing in at 134 lbs, Tyler bench presses a wopping 175 lbs, “but he can and will do more,” says John.

In early 2008, Tyler began working with the INALLIANCE Foothills Community Training Program, where he is gaining vocational and community skills by working at Lord’s Gym, Gold Country Retirement Community and Value Village. The new challenges INALLIANCE has offered Tyler have been tremendous and he looks forward to going to work every week!

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