Community Employment Program

The Community Employment Department assists individuals in paid community employment and offers tailored day services in support of individuals’ exploration, discovery and pre-employment preparation. Coaching, consultation and on and off the job support services are available as consumer is engaged in employment goals and or is employed.  Services include:

  • Job search and hire based on the individual’s apptitudes and preferences
  • Personal and social adjustment coaching
  • Job analysis and consultation with employers
  • Access to community-based employment resources
  • Pre-vocational and situational assessments
  • Job coaching (1:1 intensive support to start)
  • Pre-employment development and training

Learn more about our Community Employment Program contact Program Director Mike Herr at (916) 381-1300 x220 or email:

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Participant Profile:

INALLIANCE participant Marcelo receives employee of the year at Walmart

Marcelo is an integral part of the Sam’s Club maintenance crew where his duties include sweeping, breaking down boxes, collecting carts and helping customers locate merchandise on the sales floor. According to Marcelo’s current ETS Daivd Tibbs, coworkers and supervisors alike say that Marcelo is a star employee and that he plays an important roll in helping the company reduce asset loss.

Recently, Marcelo was put in charge of maintaining the store’s café- keeping all surfaces clean and sterile, and restocking condiments and supplies. All of this diligent effort was rewarded when Marcelo received his Employee of the Year nod. In his free time, Marcelo enjoys working out at the gym and spending time with his family. He has also expressed an interest in learning to drive, owning his own car and improving his reading and math skills.

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Individual Placement places consumers in paid community employment and offers consultation and support at the level needed by the individual to achieve vocational success. Coaching, consultation and on and off the job support services are available for as long as the consumer is employed.