Supported Living Services

The Supported Living Program offers a variety of services to consumers who wish to live independently. Utilizing the Person-Centered Planning process, consumers design and implement their own plans to secure and maintain chosen housing and staffing. Ongoing monitoring and support is provided by INALLIANCE on a regular and responsive basis. Services include:

  • Location of appropriate, accessible home or apartment
  • Community mobility training
  • Personal assistance in budgeting, shopping, facilitating circles of support
  • Assistance with hiring, training, and supervising staff
  • Arranging for installation of technological and adaptive devices (i.e. grab bars, ramps, lifts, environmental controls, communication equipment)
  • Development of customized emergency response systems
  • 24-hour emergency assistance


Participant Profile:

David Engberg has been doing advocacy work for most of his life. Working with organizations like Capitol People First, Western Service Workers Association and Protection and Advocacy Inc. he has actively crusaded for the rights of people with disabilities to have a say in their government, obtain adequate housing, access health services and much, much more.

In 2004, David began receiving supported living services through INALLIANCE, which led him to join the INALLIANCE Board of Directors last year as another way to further advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience [as a Board Member] and have learned a lot about how INALLIANCE serves the community, supports consumers and remains active politically, so that the company can continue to better serve people in the community.”

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